Get there somewhat late, Got to have MacDonald's though! O.o; Yep... Anyways, Got in line for the Yoko Ishida Concert, Watched this guy do I don't know what because I had a head in my way to another staff guy? For some pocky. Was in the front row, left side for the concert. The concert was great!! Walked around, Went to the dealer's room with my friend, lost my sister in the process. Bought finall last items. Went back up and looked for my sister. I found Aoshi-sama! I got to poke him and ask for a picture. Anyways, Finally found my sister with two people talking, and she bought a katana and a kodachi! Also, a hunting knife and a cool dagger, but I love the Kodachi! I claim it mine in a way, since I'm always playing with it, and I have it with me. And I can do the list of the sword thingy like Kenshin does with his sword, and my sister can't. XP Well, least not for awhile. Anyways, Said bye to my friend, got a wave from Aoshi-sama, or unless he was waving to my sister. His sister was a really good Princess Serenity! When I find the rest of my pictures and my sister's, I'll upload them. Anyways, Glomped a Seta Soujiro on the way, and then left the dear Otakon, Till next year! It was fun!
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