Woke up and got dressed, got a camera at a Walgreens! Yay! Walked with a Utena up the street for awhile, turns out, she was in the cosplay costume contest! Anyways, Walked with a group of people that went to Otakon too. Got there, got pictures, walked around, found my friend finally at the dealer's room! Didn't find Aoshi-sama for a picture today. Still, I got alot. But some were accidently of Mr.Floor or Mr.Ceiling, or thumbs and papers. We walked around, and sometime, near the escalator at the entrance part thingy, We saw a Squall, Then We saw a Seifer and got him for pictures with Squall, Then a Zell popped up, and Edea popped up too, She was nice, but didn't know she was in it till I got the pictures developed, got an Irvine dragged in, I was Rinoa, and I got dragged in, my friend was Selphie, and she got dragged in too. Sorta photo shoot. Now, I have a picture of one Rinoa, titled fellow Rinoa, That's the Rinoa who started, with friends, the big Final Fantasy meeting at 2:30 near the pre-reg. She told me, and I was the big mouth. I told alot of FF characters. But, I doubt some came. Anyways! Grabbed something to eat, and headed towards karaoke. That was good, saw about 5 or 6 Legatos there too. Took alot of pictures, We went to see random music videos after some walking, and my Friend had to leave to catch the train. Well, watched some music videos, walked around, and sometime around those times, I saw the Anime Mystery Theater 3000. That SUCKED! Then I got to see the Masquerade and then the Game Show. Nalerth, The girl that got 2nd place, I think, She went to our hotel too, so we walked back with her. Dressed in bed clothes, got int he bed, Poof! Asleep! Tiring. @_@ But So fun!
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