Hmm... Well, Friday rolls around, Before getting to the convention, we're lost in Baltimore, so we miss the opening line and come around 11. Since this being my first con, I'm walking around starring in awe. The wonderful costumes! No camera, can't take pictures, so moving on. We went to the dealer's room. I saw a really good Aoshi-sama watching Dubbed RK. Looking, no, drooling at all the manga, and unexpec- was expected, a friend found me. We walked around for awhile, During sometime of the day, We went to the Karaoke! A boy, sorry to say, SUCKED at singing White Reflection, Heck my sister and friend had no lyrics, and I could hear them better and they sang better. x.x; Moving on, Really good Karaoke, Getting pictures taken, walking around, browsing. Friend left around this time. Missed Para Para around sometime of the day. Watched some music videos, walked around so more, etc, etc. Well, 11:30 rolls around and we go to watch the AMV Contest screening. About 1 AM, I'm tired and my butt hurts from sitting, but sort of peppy from the music videos. Walking to leave, Squall gets picture with me before I leave, but hey, He wasn't bad, and I didn't mind. Got lost, finally found hotel, dressed in bed clothes, BOOM! Asleep! Boy, a tiring first day.
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